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Originally Posted by InJustice View Post
I was going to counter, but I figured it'd be off-topic since that's not the point of this thread.

I'd have to agree with DigificWriter, it's hyperbolic to think Batman would still Superman's thunder when we still don't know much about the film itself. AngryJoe's review of the news was particularly cringeworthy because he thinks Superman would lose should they ever fight. Seeing how realism plays a big part in DC...particularly MOS, is a human really going to be kicking a superhuman's ass...?
I really hope they do not per se fight. However if they do, at least physically, Superman will win, barring kryptonite.

Since we have not met Bruce Wayne/Batman in this world, saying much more than that is really hard. Also, Superman spent most of his actions scenes in MOS facing battle-hardened rivals who understood military tactics, something that he never got exposed to, even though he was a civilian contractor with the military for a time.

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