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Originally Posted by FlawlessVictory View Post
^Totally agreed. I'm glad Snyder mixed it up at the end with putting Superman in the situation he was in. It's just too easy to be able to suck everyone back in the zone with no tough decision to make. God forbid someone actually doesn't play it safe with a superhero at the end and have it be of all people Superman!

And I have no idea what Morrison is talking about with bloodlust. Just because I approve of the ending to MOS doesn't mean I want Superman or any other hero killing people left and right. That is not my desire at all!
They even put in a seen where Clark is getting beat up and refuses to fight back. This shows that generally he does not go for violence.

There is the bar scene, where Clark wrecks the guys big rig. Some people complain about it, but I think they tend to be people who want to complain about MOS and so attack everything they can. If nothing else it undermines the claims the film is without humor. Also, Clark clearly seeks to avoid direct fights.

Zod presented an unwinnable situation.

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