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Originally Posted by roach View Post
I think people tend to take things for granted with Superman. They have a view of him and it is uncompromising. Superman's no kill rule comes out of no where. Nothing in the stories can anyone point to to say this is when he decided not to kill. With Batman it's easy because the character was created from a murder. Batman is a person's reaction to that murder and saying "never again". There is nothing like that for Superman.
I think in that scene, and I am sure we'll see it play out in other movies, we see the genesis of Superman's no kill rule. People say it was a failure of the character and I agree. Superman failed...and I think he knows that. I believe the next time we see him that failure will make him the Superman that will always look for the non lethal way. He will be the guy that pulls his punches until he grows into the Superman that confronted Darkseid in JLU...tired of pulling his punches and feeling like he is living in a cardboard world.
This is the creation of the no kill rule. I think the GA needed to see that considering that have had a heavy dose of heroes who kill for a very long time.
I remember reading something where someone was riping on Superman for not killing to save Lois's life in the comics. This was one of the causes of Lois and Clark ending their engagement and this writer thought the whole situation put Superman in a bad light.

So the "Superman will not kill" meme has its own draw backs.

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