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Default Re: Favorite scene...

Originally Posted by Doctor Jones View Post
All of the Nagasaki scenes, especially the last one: "One day I'll come back for this."

The Wolverine vs Shingen

Logan's first bear encounter

The bar scene

"I'm tired."
Originally Posted by Paladin-Hoss View Post
heh..glad i'm not the only one who liked that scene. Such a simple scene, but actaully adds alot to the story

My fav scene...pff...too much to mention. I guess pretty much Logan's scenes with Mariko when they were on the run.

...the chopsticks bit...
Agreed. I loved the scene at the vet's office, when Logan says, "I've never needed this before," and Mariko says, "Help?" That was just such a perfect response for what was going on in the part of the story.

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