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Default Re: Ultron! We Would Have Words With Thee! Official Thor/Chris Hemworth Thread

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
Ahhh yes .... an empty station. Unlike the IHOP full of diners.

Notice Thor was also the same guy who attempted to subdue the Hulk inside of the Hellicarrier instead of letting the fight escalate into a full blown brawl where many aboard the Hellicarrier could've been put in harms way.
Actually there are people in the station. They are right in front of the camera when they crash in.

And he tried to subdue the Hulk because he didn't want to hurt Banner. Do you think when he was lighting up those space eels they fell backwards into the void?

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
Wut? LOL ......

You even mention "alot of normal, not exactly real looking stuff." OK bud, yeah everything about what Supes did in MoS was the pinnacle of realism.
I am not trying to start some sort of war. I am trying to describe the difference the best I can.

When Thor swings his hammer, it isn't like he is doing it in any sort of superhuman manner. He just swings it in what feels looks like a normal human manner. His movement is not especially quick or powerful. This doesn't look all that great when compared to Hulk, the MoS Kryptonians or even Killian in Iron Man 3. They move with a strength and ferocity Thor is missing.

Look at Hulk running through the Helicarrier, Faora flash stepping down the street, Killian fighting Iron Man, or Superman and Zod slugging it out. It is what is missing from Thor's superhumanness imo.

Now it wouldn't really come out that much if not for those "Super" moments like the Hulk tackle or the incredible Kill Shot in Thor. They kinda of set an expectation.
Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Yeah Thor's movements don't really look superhuman, that's why I say his strength isn't as "in your face" as MOS Supes.

I also agree with Thor's hammer looking like a prop during combat, only in TA though because it looked alot better in Thor. It might be because of the longer handle, because Thor's hammer wielding in the first film was ALOT more impressive than in TA.
The hammer movement definitely looked better in Thor. Which is funny, because I like the design of the Avengers hammer a bit more, but as you said I think the extra length made it look a little loose when he was swinging it about.

I just want more lightning in these next two films. The man is the God of Thunder. It feels like it should be his main weapon.

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