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Default Re: Jean Grey in The Wolverine

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
While it was nice to see Janssen back again this only reignites a big problem I had with the Logan/Jean relationship since the beginning. Basically that there is a Logan/Jean relationship with what little they ever showed us in the previous films. Best I could ever come up with was that Logan going after Jean was 1 part lust and 1 part 'I hate that pretty boy Scott so I'll go after his GF'. I just never bought that there was ever any real relationship between Jean and Logan. So everything about it in this film now just rings hollow.
I completely agree. None of the three films gave too much emotional depth to their relationship. To be honest, i actually loved their scenes in the first X-men movie. The flirtations brought lightness and humor to the film, and representative of how Logan behaved around her when they met initially.

Granted the X-Men plots weren't suppose revolve on the wolverine/jean grey romance/friendship or whatever they had, but I feel like they didn't explore why the characters are mutually attracted to each other. To state that Logan is Scott's foil is too simplistic... Of course the comic books had decades of development compared to the movies, but none of the films ever address the more profound aspects of their relationship.

I think Jean Grey's empathy and understanding of Logan's vulnerability is the key. I think she just What do you all think? This can be a whole lecture by the way

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