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Default Re: Overrated Comic Book Films

Iron Man 3 is definitely overrated. IMO, there is no way a movie that middle-of-the-road should’ve made a billion dollars world wide. I know “The Avengers” played a part, but still, people out there must’ve thought it was the greatest thing ever to give it that much repeat viewings.

And I guess some people don’t understand the concept “When it comes to Superman fans, MOS is overrated”….which means MOS is overrated….when it comes to Superman fans. Not in General.

As for TDKR, I don’t know how that’s overrated in these parts, when everyone and their mother (including me) either picks that movie apart, or acts like its complete trash. I definitely have my problems with that movie, but at the end of the day, I’d be foolish to say it’s a truly bad film.

I do agree that this thread loses credibility when films like “The Dark Knight”, “The Avengers”, and “Spider-Man 2” are listed as overrated. It’s one thing if it’s not your cup of tea, its another thing to call it overrated. The worst thing is, half the people who call those films overrated probably have some truly mediocre CBM’s in their personal top ten.

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