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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 7

Fury is The Skull: lolbwahaha.

I don't think the Red Skull figure rules out the *possibility* of Skully getting a "twist ending" cameo, but it would most likely come from Alexander Pierce, *sure* as hell not from Nick Fury.

But if the Skull figure *is* a spoiler of that nature, the AIM beekeeper would have to be a spoiler, too. I don't rule out the possibility of AIM playing a role in these shenanigans, especially considering their comic-book links to HYDRA, but the fact that even IM3 didn't use the Beekeeper design when they had the chance indicates to me that Feige finds the concept too cheesy. And deservedly so.

If these are for a "movie," it's probably an animated one.


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