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Default Re: Favorite scene...

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
It was awesome, especially the I'm the Wolverine part.
Definitely the intensity of the fight was sooo awesome! Hiroyuki Sanada and Hugh Jackman really let loose in that scene! I think thats my favourite one on one fight scene in a comic book film!

Personally I think thats what i liked most about this Wolverine film, it didnt need to be the big "world is going to be destroyed", it was a character story and its best moments were all those smaller moments. Where Wolverine VS Shingen beats out something like Iron Man battling "White" Mandarin with 42 armours.

I think Marvel can take a few notes from this film as it really was a proper solo film, everything that happened was so confined you weren't asking yourself wheres the X-Men??

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