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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!) - Part 1

Sorry, but they were together for years in the OT, and were still together at the end of X3. I don't know where you get that she had a crush on Wolverine. In X1 yes, but it was more a buddy/father daughter relationship in X2/X3. Why would she need to set him free, he wants to be with her, you're argument makes no sense. Maybe they broker up and maybe not, we don't know yet.
They weren't together years. OT timeline spans 1-2 years max. She didn't start dating him until after X1. They weren't together that long at all. It was convenience and a teen crush. It's why they're such an unpopular couple with a lot of fans. More people bizarrely shipped her with Wolverine over Iceman.

They won't have lasted 10 years, it's not realistic. Especially when Rogue is literally untouchable for a big chunk of that time. It's why Gambit and her were so on/off in the comics during her untouchable years. And he was her true love. Bobby isn't anything close to that so them still in a relationship would be ridiculous and the audience will not buy it. Shawn's own words imply they aren't together anymore. And I am hoping they're not. That was one part I am begging Singer to have dropped. Rogue can't be kickass still whimpering over not being able to touch boring Bobby.

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