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Default Re: Batman physique thread.

Originally Posted by LordofhouseEl View Post
Out of every superhero I think more empathesis should be on the way Batmans physique is shown because he a human who engages in gruelling training to possess the abilities he has, whoever is cast should aim for an absolutely amazing looking body that looks powerful and agile. I thought Bale didn't do Batman justice in regards to the body especially is the two sequels after Begins
Yeah Bale did not live up to how they present Batman in the comics, just the fittest and most powerful human who is also built and cut like a god. But I think Nolan never placed emphasis on such things, even his Bane was OK built.

Snyder on the other hand really makes sure that his actors physically look the part they are playing and makes sure they achieve the required shape and the movie is capturing their physicality in an appropriate way.

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