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Default Re: Ultron! We Would Have Words With Thee! Official Thor/Chris Hemworth Thread

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
I am not trying to start some sort of war. I am trying to describe the difference the best I can.

When Thor swings his hammer, it isn't like he is doing it in any sort of superhuman manner. He just swings it in what feels looks like a normal human manner. His movement is not especially quick or powerful. This doesn't look all that great when compared to Hulk, the MoS Kryptonians or even Killian in Iron Man 3. They move with a strength and ferocity Thor is missing.

Look at Hulk running through the Helicarrier, Faora flash stepping down the street, Killian fighting Iron Man, or Superman and Zod slugging it out. It is what is missing from Thor's superhumanness imo.

Now it wouldn't really come out that much if not for those "Super" moments like the Hulk tackle or the incredible Kill Shot in Thor. They kinda of set an expectation.
I know what you mean, I hope that changes in Thor:TDW and Avengers:AOU plus the shot in my avy gives me hope. We'll have more to judge from when the new trailer is released next week and I have even higher hopes for A:AOU since I'm sure Whedon's seen MOS.

Originally Posted by DarthSkyWalker
The hammer movement definitely looked better in Thor. Which is funny, because I like the design of the Avengers hammer a bit more, but as you said I think the extra length made it look a little loose when he was swinging it about.

I just want more lightning in these next two films. The man is the God of Thunder. It feels like it should be his main weapon.
Yeah it's also strange because Hemsworth had more hammer training for Avengers and Mjolnir wasn't used nearly as well.

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