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Well, he was.
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Default Re: Overrated Comic Book Films

Originally Posted by Kahran Ramsus View Post
That's what is supposed to happen, but in ASM he's a dick until the very end of the movie. He learned nothing from Ben dying. Even at the end he puts his own selfish desires (get some action) over doing what's right (honoring his promises to a dying man and keeping the girl he loves safe from harm). There is nothing in ASM to suggest he changed at all.

It would be like if in Iron Man at the end of the movie Tony decides to start making weapons and sells them to the Army again.
You must not have paid attention.

He made a promise he didn't want to make because the man was dying, what would any of us do.

Then he kept the promise.

He stayed away from Gwen even so far as not going to to her Dad's funeral, he only decided to break the promise because of what Aunt May said to him. She said he deserves to be happy. After this key scene is when he decided to break the promise and see Gwen again.

Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post
Yep, that's how I saw it as well, Peter was a douche until the death of his uncle and the talk with Captain Stacy over dinner. Peter is SUPPOSED to be douche.
Yep the dinner is the turning point for his character

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