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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 2

I recently saw the the original DOFP comic on YT (idk if that was legal) but I really enjoyed it for many reasons and one of them is the contrast between current and future Storm.

On one side, there's the comic book Storm we all know. She is a leader of the X-Men and can command even Wolverine when she sees the need. She has sworn to never take a life and she lives by it. She is not a murderous woman. (Remember also that Storm must keep her emotions in check because her emotions are linked to the weather. Losing control of herself can mean destroying the human world).

You can compare this to future Storm: a completely changed woman willing to kill to survive and to protect her kind, completely changed in her original resolve. Although still in control, this Storm is violent.

The way the transformation of her principles are presented in the comic are very well done. Storm had sworn to protect the world and her own kind from destroying each other but at some point in time she wound up questioning her own identity as one of the X-Men in order to survive. I guess that in the end, she figured out she couldn't fight the Sentinels with her morals.

I wonder if the film will have any of these contrasts of a character in different timelines.. perhaps with magneto and professor x?

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