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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 2

Some of Storm's iconic lines:

Storm: Help us, fight with us.
Wolverine: Fight with you? join the team? be a X-Men? who the hell do you think you are? you're a mutant. The world world out there is full of people that hate and fear you and you're wasting your time trying to protect them. I got better things to do. You know Magneto's right, there's a war coming. You sure you're on the right side?.
Storm : At least I've chosen a SIDE.

Storm: Do you know what happens to a toad when its struck by lighting?... the same thing that happens to everyone else.

Storm: Well I gave up on pity a long time ago.
Nightcrawler: Someone so beautiful should not be so angry.
Storm: Sometimes anger can help you survive.
Nightcrawler: So can faith.

Storm: I have faith in you.

Storm: I love what you've done with your hair!
Beast: You too
Storm: ***giggles* ookayy!!!

Storm: They can't cure us, you wanna know why? Because there's nothing to cure, nothing's wrong with you or any of us for that matter.

Storm: Why can't you see the truth? Huh why can't you just let her go?
Wolverine: Because, because...
Storm : Because you love her... she made her choice, now its time to make ours, so if you're with us then be with us.

Storm: What are you ready to do what you need to do when the times comes?

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