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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!) - Part 1

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I doubt we would see Rogue fly in this movie. Maybe a super strength, but flight. I don't think so. At the comic-con, she said Rogue would have been her favorite mutant if she could fly. Maybe she's throwing us off to believe that she won't fly in DOFP but I doubt it.
I don't think she'll have either power. Who could she get them off?

She doesn't seem to have scenes with Storm or Colossus and they are the only options for either power. She will probably borrow Iceman's or Magneto's if she has to fight.

We don't know how much time passed between X2 and X3, it felt like quite awhile given the tone shift.
No it wasn't. It was a few months max. Rogue didn't age much through the three movies. It was less than 2 years for sure. Her and Bobby were not together that long. And she wasn't a team member that long either. It's why the teens weren't the greatest fighters as of X3. They didn't have the experience.

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