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Picked this up on DVD/Blueray yesterday and I wanted to see this in theaters but could not get there due to family issues, wish I had, I enjoyed this very much, it was not perfect, as has been stated, RZA was not very good as the blind master and Bruce Willis seems flat, just there to get a check.
That said, loved Ray Stevensen as Firefly, he was easily the best Cobra, Cobra Commander was also good, did not have many scenes, but was not a bumbling idiot from the cartoon, even though Cobra loses in this, the destruction they bring, makes them seem more evil.
Having the Rock in this was awesome, he was enjoyable as Roadblock, glad he did not rhyme every time he spoke,lol.
Overall, I would give this a solid 7 out of 10, was alot of fun and would watch this again.

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