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Default Re: Ultron! We Would Have Words With Thee! Official Thor/Chris Hemworth Thread

There are many good points in this thread.

First of all, Thor can be super amped up and still not make the other Avengers look like dweebs. The only thing MoS had on Thor were speed blitzes, and Thor never needed to speed blitz anyone. He really has yet to be challenged in battle in the MCU.

One of the easiest ways to have Thor still be able to show the full force of his power and still have the other Avengers rooted in an epic battle is to seperate the action. Thor can be using full force taking on Ultron with galatic blasts, lightning bolts, fists of fury and speed blitzes along with Hulk while the other avengers focus on rescuing innocent bystanders and coming up with a plan to take down Ultron.

A more powerful Thor hurts no one in this film. Just the Thor haters.

And I think the MoS battle scenes were completely logical. Tell me how was Superman supposed to stop the Kryptonians from engaging in world war against the humans? This was full scale war and that includes casualities.

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