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Default Re: Bryan Singer's X-men 3 Revealed!

If vaughn would have stayed Cyclops,Xavier,and Phoenix still would have died.
But there would have been key differences

Phoenix would be less a split personality zombie
Beast would have been In catform and he would have driven Xavier and magneto
In flashback
The president would have been more an antagist
There would have been more a love traingle between Iceman,Kitty,and rogue
The danger room would have been test to see If Iceman and Kitty are ready to join the main team
Iceman and Kitty joined Beast In trying to steal a sample of cure
Mystique would be captived and used by government on alcatriz as test subject for cure
Magneto would have used golden gate bridge to get to alcataz to rescue mutant prisoners and discovered Mystique being turned human
Rogue would have been attending brotherhood meetings possibly as spy
Wolverine and storm would have taken comfort with each other after Xavier's death
The climax would take place in Washington D.C. apparently an attack on
White house.

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