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Default Re: DOFP vs other 2014 ComicsMovies Thread [Buzz, BoxOffice and more]

Some are forgetting sequels don't always outgross original.Iron man 3 and the
Dark knight are expections not the rule.

Star Trek Into Darkness did less domesticly than original.Domesticly the dark Knight rises did less than Dark Knight.Even Spider-man 2 did less than Spider-man.

Cap didn't do 200 Million domesticlly It did 177 Million.No MS film so far that didn't star Robert DOwney JR has hit 200 Million domesticly.Also back In 2011
foreign audences prefer first class to Cap.

Cap might be best MS film since the avengers but that doesn't mean It's Box office will be close to it or iron man 3.Every studio at some point has a disappointment or a underperformer.Technical they already did with Incredible Hulk.

Spider-man will make money without a doudt but I wouldn't be so sure It hits 300 Million domesticly.Many thought the man of steel would easily hit 300 Million and almost out of theatres It has hit 286 Million.

As long as DOFP hits 500 Million worldwide I will be happy.Fox would have broken even on it's budget.Anything higher would be great.I am not sure it can hit 300 Million domesticly.It's window may be 290 or 291 Million.What X2 and last stand got with adjusting for inflation.While I will undoudtable be calling DOFP best comic book film of 2014 that doesn't mean GA will agree.

Guardians of the galaxy will depend on quality of film.With how obscure the title Is overhype can hurt It.Star wars was sucess originally because of how people liked it.

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