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Default Re: What DIDN'T you like about Iron Man 3? *SPOILER ALERT*

Originally Posted by Ajendo View Post
IM3 felt like a brilliantly made mediocre film; like mediocre was their end goal and the aced it.
I agree with this.

It plays as if it wasn’t made with the same level of care and attention to detail as the previous two as well as The Avengers.
A lot of my main gripes with this movie (besides wanting the Mandarin from the trailer), were the apparent continuity errors between the first two films and this one as well as within the third movie itself. Such as:

Stark doesn’t remember Yinsen in part one, but he suddenly remembers all about “Switzerland..’99” when Happy brings it up. Stark: “Where were we in ’99?” Happy: “Switzerland…definitely Switzerland”

The classic suits in the hall of armor mysteriously explode in sequence for no reason. We know Stark gave the order for them to self-destruct but cutting it out of the movie was a bad move.

Jarvis whines…he is a computer program…he isn’t supposed to emote. “But Sirrrrr!! This was the course I plotted!!!!!!” or something to that effect.

The kids at the restaurant know who Stark is, as one would expect, however the Harley kid knows Iron Man but doesn’t know Stark? This kid is supposed to be pretty brilliant, apparently, but at times he’s quite dumb. “Like a mechanic?” He’s holding a newspaper that references Stark being presumed dead BUT he doesn’t know that Tony is Iron Man? Again, “Like a mechanic?”

Also, I think I was really looking for at least one AC/DC fueled kick-butt moment in the movie. Could have been in the beginning when he told Jarvis to drop his needle (I expected Back In Black or something, not shakey-hips Christmastime),
but instead they made the suit up (and most of the movie dealing with the armor), pretty goofy.

I’ve come to the conclusion that RDJ is Tony Stark, but Jon Favreau is the soul of Iron Man.

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