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Default Re: Bryan Singer's X-men 3 Revealed!

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
It would have been better if Singer stayed though. We would have had a perfect trilogy (or a quadrilogy if he did X3/X4). Then the studio/producers would still have wanted spin-offs and Bryan would probably have moved on to do another of his projects that he has in development. So we would still have had Origins (or something like it) and First Class. But at least there would have been an X3 (and probably an X4) that flowed on better from X1 and X2 and handled the Phoenix a lot better. However, what's done is done.
Yeah I always thought what if he didn't leave in 2004/2005. And I would really prefer that we got a X3 directed by Bryan Singer and X4 after what we've got right now. But we are here now.

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