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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
You should hope that with all X-Films, not just X-Force. Thats not the film to worry about killing the franchise or screwing up plans as it wont be as big of a film like DOFP. Everything will depend on DOFP, not X-Force. When X-Force is being made another X-Men film will be in pre-production. X-Force's outcome will only determine another X-Force sequel or other sub team films.

X-Force will have a better X-Men line up then FC, possibly feature Apocalypse plus be following up DOFP which hopefully should inject more interest for the franchise. It's in a much better position then FC was back in 2011.
Just because DOFP is goin to be a success, it doesn't mean the next films after that are already guaranteed a hit especially if its a X-Force movie. So they should really plan this carefully. If First Class/The Wolverine weren't close to opening weekend projections of FOx and movie websites, it might happen to X-Force too.

And you don't know when they will start the pre-production for the next X-Men film. If nothing is happening to Deadpool right now, if the Silver Surfer movie/the third Fantastic Four film were canceled after the box-office performance of FF2 and if Origins: Magneto/Young X-Men were absorbed by X-Men: First Class. It means nothing is set in stone until they enter production. And box-office performance is a big factor why they continue or stop films from going into production.

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