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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

You know I wouldn't be so against with these spin-offs if they are guaranteed big hits. If some of the fans, don't think a Cyclops or Storm solo film would be successful. How about a X-Force film when you show it to general audience?

I would just hate to see if one day FOX continued to release spin-off movies but they suddenly stopped because one of those spin-offs didn't make a lot of money, they lost confidence to the franchise and its already too late to bring the original cast back. Look what happened to Fantastic Four, look what happened to Daredevil after Elektra. X-Men is not even one of the biggest film franchises.

At this point, the only spin-off movie I want to happen is Wolverine 3. Because it wouldn't need a budget like $150 million especially if they just film in Canada. The Wolverine filmed in Japan and filming there is expensive, imagine if they didn't film there. And the small scale and the small amount of mutants worked for the movie.

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