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Default Re: The Design & Origin of ULTRON

- The AI taking over theme that we saw in Terminator and Matrix makes some sense;

Jarvis controlling all those armors remotely must be tired of a human being (Stark) giving him orders lol

Plus Tony activating the clean slate, the machines will try to survive by killing humans

OMG Tony will die in Avengers 2

- Or could it be AIM ? they did take control of Cheadle's armor IIRC. Maybe it was a beta version of Ultron
Jarvis vs Ultron in the ring NOW !!!!

- Most unlikely theory : Dum-E ... I mean , the way Tony has treated him so far ... I know I would be pissed

- Ultron is a creation of the Council or the Government to protect people from the Avengers .... maybe Howard Stark made it

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