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Default Re: Wolverine's memory

Originally Posted by scatterax View Post
So after watching this movie for the first time 2 days ago, one thing doesn't add up...

Should wolverine be able to remember saving Harada, with his amnesia? He could only see flashes of his procedure, and nothing before in the other movies. Is finding the hatch really a strong enough reason to remember that part of his life in the context of the other movies?
No, because Yashida was the one he saved.

We got the full flashback. That was for our benefit, to set up the story for us. What Logan remembered specifically is anyone's guess. Like the Weapon X flashbacks, he's likely to have memories of things that caused him great pain, and taking the blast from an atom bomb would certainly do that.

As far as Yashida, he doesn't seem to remember him specifically when he meets Yukio, and he doesn't even want to go to Japan, but since there was a police car heading for the bar where he'd started trouble with the hunters, it was time for him to skip town anyway, so he left.

I don't think he fully connected Yashida until he saw the well, where it triggered the memory.

He had flashbacks in X1 and X2, and those got more vivid when he found the operating room in X2. Makes sense that he had a similar reaction here.

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