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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

I don't rank X3 too far below X1 and X2. They do a fine job keeping the tone of it's predecessors. But it's not great. Most of it's upsides are directly outweighed by a very obvious shortcoming.

- Ellen Page is an amazing choice for Shadowcat. But they snarled her up in some stupid love triangle with people she had no business love triangling with.
- This version of the Phoenix Force was pretty damn cool in my opinion. But Jean's death and Xavier's "death" made some sense but why Cyclops??
- We get see to Beast, Angel and Juggernaut. But then we see unnecessary additions like Callisto and Spike that take up screentime for no good reason.

So that's kinda the case with most of the movie. A lot of bittersweet stuff. That ends up being mostly bitter.

Originally Posted by jignat View Post
I was reading some reviews of The Wolverine and in most of them , the critics refer to Jean as "Wolverine's lover" .
Cyclops was thrown to the side like wet dog turds and now most people think of Jean and Wolvy as an item..Sigh..
To be fair, Singer began this, but X3 ran it into the ground.

Also Wolvy should not be crying and giving inspirational speeches to the team.
In my opinion (and I know it's unrelated) is that doing this to Cyclops is on par with giving Ultron to Stark in Avengers 2. The GA will be in love with the idea. But to comic fans it's just a huge disappointment.

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