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Default Re: Is orgins still apart of the timeline now?

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
All The Wolverine referenced is that Wolverine killed Jean because she was hurting people, they could easily change tons of the events that happened in X3 and still keep that moment. Though it's a moot point really, since The Wolverine takes place before DOFP and is subject to change as well.

Now, do I think they'll do a Star Trek and create and Alternate timeline? No, probably not, but how much they'll change is up to anybody's guess. They could change a ton.

Heck, the continuity of the movies is going to be completely thrown off simply because Wolverine meets Xavier and some of the X-men in the 70's. That completely changes how events in X1 would roll out, not to mention other smaller changes, such as Beast not knowing Logan in X3.

Point being, things are going to change. This movie basically gives them free reign to change as much as they want. And there are a lot of things that they should change.

There's no way to know how much they're going to change, but they are going to be changing things, which I only see as a good thing.
I think one of the key themes of time travel is prevent additional, unwanted changes. You don't want to alter destinies for the sake of it and incur additional adverse ramifications. That's why they may have to undo this whole mindswipe thing such that Logan's destiny does not change for the most part. We don't have memory swipes in this franchise akin to MIB, but maybe they could get creative.

As you said, Beast would remember Logan in TLS if they had met in the 1970's, but does it really matter? 1973 Logan would be bone claw Logan. He wouldn't even be called Wolverine then. Maybe Hank finds TLS version to be vaguely familiar to a guy he knew 30 years ago. Xavier? That guy has pretty much known Logan forever. I don't think that's an issue. Rest of the X-Men aren't even born for all we know.

Assuming Logan's future mind reverts back into the body it belongs, he will obviously wake up in the altered future. Whether the time travel achieved the intended future or otherwise will be answered here. Some possibilites regarding Logan:

1. Say Logan 1970's body gets his 70's conscience back, why would he return to Vietnam? Why would he go through with the procedure and hunt down Creed? Or is he automatically thrusted into the events in Origins?

a) Logan doesn't return to 'Nam. Doesn't get the procedure. That would nullify the entire trilogy, the X-Men being at Alkali Lake in X-2, etc.

b) Stryker and Creed hunt down Logan and the events in Origins transpire a few years later. (Likely scenario)

2. Assuming the above, what happens with present day Wolverine's body?

a) So Logan's brain has returned, but what about his body? Does he wake up with adamantium? That would nullify The Wolverine. Highly unlikely.

b) Wakes up, concious of everything right before the time travel. Now wakes in the world he intended to change. Likely scenario.

3) What changed from the mind swap?

a) Sentinels are no more. But the OT is in tact as is The Wolverine. Only everything after that was affected as the time travel intended. Likely scenario.

b) No changes. Time travel set the course of the events depicted in 2023. Future is ****ed. Plausible.

c) Unintended changes. Cyclops/Jean surviving. Sentinels stopped or simply postponed. Sinister and/or Apocalypse revealed. X-5 on the fast track. Wishful thinking.

So out of those three options, let's look at the most intriguing which is option "c". How is this possible?

-We conclude Origins is intact. Stryker survived. He goes through with X-2 because there is nothing that would seemingly alter that aside from wild, fanboy time travel theories. Jean dies in X-2. Similarly, Cyke is killed in X-3.

-Xavier. The Wolverine post credit scene seems to acknowledge Xavier's death. "How is this possible???" Maybe Logan was referring to the fact that everyone in the airport is frozen, because in this "new" timeline, Logan never met Xavier. But that can't be the case. "As I told you long time ago..." and Magneto's, "You wouldn't trust me, but..." quotes means X-3 happened. The explanation will have to follow the events of TLS.

-The only other plausible scenario is that something in the trilogy changed. And Singer is going to have to show this change in DoFP. There will have to be a flashback. Some unintended consequence resulting from the time travel. We will need to see how Cyke survived Alkali Lake, or how something depicted in X-2 or X-3 explicitly changed. That's the only way to bring back these characters and undo the things fanboys hate. Wishful thinking boys and girls. Plausible based on the rumors though...

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