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Default Re: Bryan Singer's X-men 3 Revealed!

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Leaked script details back In 2005 came from draft Vaughn worked on with Kinberg and Penn.

As for ratner yes he has some blame.There were last minute rewrites to sastify his so called vision.He didn't just shoot the script Vaughn co-wrote.

Ratner Isn't solely to blame but he has to share some of it.
Ah cool

That's what I meant but at the same time like I said he was hired to do a job he didn't get alot of time and he was taking over someone else's film series. Knowing FX aswel I bet they made demands of him to make it have more action etc whereas Singer would probably have been able to talk the studio around, Ratner was a yes man. It bears strange resemblance to Richard Lester and Superman II in some was.

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