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Default Re: Is orgins still apart of the timeline now?

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
No it isn't. Even if they changed it, it is still there. Still on home video, still happened. Even if they play with the timeline, like in comics, what has happened has happened. Even if you make Jean a man, she was still a female in X2.

The only way you can alter a timeline, is by having a timeline in the first place. Just look at Back to the Future. It all still happened.
Dude....really? Come on now, did you actually think that when I suggested that some things might be undone, I actually thought that somehow Origins and X3 would actually cease to be in our world? I would have thought it would have been clear that when I speak of changes, I'm referring to making changes that open up possibilities for future films, like Cyclops being alive, or Jean possibly being back and them allowing for a chance to do a proper Phoenix saga.

I am completely aware that Origins and X3 will still exist in the real world...and I honestly didn't think I needed to clarify what I meant when I talked about what changes could be made.

And Mr. M, Xvaier clearly doesn't know who Logan is in X1, and that changes the whole ball game for that film, because he didn't know who Logan was in X1, he assumed Magneto was after Logan.

If you change things to where now Xvaier (and possibly Magneto) both know who Wolverine is, it changes the plot. Xvaier would probably be more apt to think consider that maybe it was really Rogue they were after since he would have more information on Logan now.


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