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Default Re: FOX Shared Universe

Originally Posted by Zarex View Post
Of course I am making an assumption - the same assumption people are making when they assume that these two separate character families can be crossed over without Disney's approval. Disney/Marvel can raise the argument, in court if necessary, that they did not sell the character families with the intention of their being merged, and that doing so has the potential to harm their future viability as separate entities.

I don't know if I would trust Avi Arad when it comes to character rights issues - he signed off on these terribly one-sided "in perpetuity" agreements back in the late 90s, which he later admitted to screwing up.
Greg Weisman, the Supervising Producer of Spectacular Spider-man was unable to use the Kingpin on his show due to a rights issue with FOX - which doesn't make any sense if Sony owned the character.
Once they got film rights they be able to use them as they see fit.It's been said they have plans for X-Men and FF In Shared universe.

and there wouldn't be any MS studio if not for thos e so called lopsed deals that lead to X-men and SPider-man films.The sucess of those is what led to marvel being able to get the loans to start making thier own films.

even Kevin feige has said they wouldn't be where they are today If not for first X-men.He called It and first Iron man the most important marvel films.

Since avi ard was former head of marvel and who also happened to set in motion marvel studios as their own compnay I think what he has said Is Impotant.

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