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Default Re: Bryan Singer's X-men 3 Revealed!

Well Fox Is to blame for Xavier's death.They forced that on the production team.

The writers had to fight just to get Cyclops In film.Rothman wanted a dialoga mentioning he died Inbetween films.

Doing the cure was also fox's or should I say Rothman idea not thinking dark phoenix could sustain film.

There were reports Ratner wanted more action,and that was one of things done in the quick rewrite after he came on.It was ratner's smart idea to give rogue the cure something LSD publicaly said she was against.And she rarely says anything against those
Involved In Last Stand or origins.

There are many factors In what lead to last Stand

1:Rothman not quickly singing Bryan Singer to do a third film
2:Alan Horn at Warner Brothers desperate to get Singer to do Superman
3:Singer deciding to do Superman while X-Men talks were at standstill
4:Rothman begining to tell them want they could or could not do with film
5:matthew vaughn bailing on Last stand even after co-writing script,casting some of new actors,and hiring many of film crew
6:Ratner as director and some of his decsions.

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