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Default Re: FOX Shared Universe

Avi arad was still credited as producer of both iron man and Incredible Hulk so
he had something to do with them.

You really think Fox and Mark Millar would be talking about crossovers If their opotion didn't allow It.

Fox and sony only own live action film rights.

X-men evolution,Wolverine and the X-Men,X-Men anime,and Wolverine anime all made by marvel.wolverine has been even been In Hulk VS and cameod on
Avengers:Earth's mightest heroes.Spider-man has also been on that avengers

I don't like any corporations.Due to my politics i hate Rupert murdock who own fox,I don't have much love for disney eather.And marvel caused stan Lee to have to sue them to get some profits from characters he co-created in films and I don't like what has tranferred In COmics due to Joe Quesdas as editor in chief,and he now has a even higher place in compnay.Remember him
be responable for negating years of spider-man contunity.I blame him for what I consider bad decsions that came around because of grant morrison's run on NEw X-Men.

Apart from my disliking the filmmakers seeming want to prefer ultimate versions over 616 versions

1:Fox has earned my postive reaction over making X-Men,X2,first Class,and the Wolverine
2:marvel has earned my skeptism over Iron Man 2,Thor,Captain America,and
Especilly Iron Man 3.I am not even getting into their animated department
3:The fantastic four reboot could be crap,especilly If it's mostly ultimate FF,
but it could be good too.WB owns DC comics and I wasn't exactly thrilled with
Man of steel

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