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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
I want Wayne to at least try and flirt with Lois, I want to see a jealous Clark. I don't want a love triangle but I do want to see Wayne macking on Lois a bit.
I guess we will possibly have Wayne try to put the moves on Lois, I just hope she rejects him totally. I really do not think that Lois should be at all flattered by a rich billionaire. It seems out of character for a hard hitting reporter. I have to admit that I always hated the Lex/Lois/Clark love triangle in L&C. When Lois expresses how she is afraid she will loose her best friend by marrying Lex, I was like "this is idiotic, if she thinks Lex will at all be OK with her having Clark as her best friend in marriage, than she should realize that she just does not have the type of connection with Lex that would justify marriage." I was glad she chose Clark over Lex, and I guess people who make TV shows think there is something exciting about drawing scenes out to their end, but I still gag that she kisses Lex after saying she can't marry him.

The level that Lex was able to totally fool Lois in that show was also too much. Lois not getting CK=SM is so standard, that some people even complain at that loss in MOS, but I am glad that Lois figured it out. however in L&C Lois not seeing through Lex made it hard to believe she was a good reporter. He manipulated her too much for that to ever be the feeling. I hope that MOS2 has Lois continuing to be a strong reporter who sees through plots, not one who gets manipulated into being part of them.

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