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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Did someone call out my name?

lol; don't get me wrong folks, i mean, I'm okay with a little harmless flirting myself.

I just don't care to see Lois honestly flirting back with Bruce while she's in a committed relationship with Clark. It wouldn't do either her or Clark's character any favors in my honest opinion.

lol; putting it simply, I rather not see a repeat of the Jack/Elizabeth/Will scenario from the Pirates films.
Well, the rumors that Lois had an engagement ring in MOS have proven to be totally baseless. Unless they really did shot some MOS2 footage with MOS, I have no clue where the claim there was a wedding/engagement ring for Lois in the props came from.

So I am thinking with Lois not starting out engaged it can't be like Pirates of the Caribbean. I think I would also be more worried if Lois' father had been a major character in MOS.

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