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Originally Posted by PyroChamber View Post
Maybe it's just me, but it seems like for one reason or another they're trying their best to keep Pym out of the MCU.

Granted we don't know how much of a focal point he'll be in the Ant-Man movie being that it's mainly going to be about Scott Lang, but with the Avengers sequel they'rel using a villain associated with Pym and yet he won't be in it.

I mean, does everyone behind the scenes just not like Pym?
I don't think they are trying to keep Pym out the MCU, but again the MCU is a different universe than the comics. Maybe if Wright wasn't doing his film he would have debuted a long time ago.

If Pym is an old man here does he even need a villain? Wow look at grandpa fighting the killer robot. He'd die in 3 seconds. Liberty taking is ok that's the nature of film-making.

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