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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane

Originally Posted by Audrey View Post
Amy looks painfully sexy in the American Hustle trailer.

She looks like she found her inner Anne-Margret circa the 1970's. She looks like a sexed up, coked out, party girl.

I'm a straight woman but...Good Lord. I've always thought she was gorgeous and playful and beautiful. Who knew she had THAT hiding inside of her?

Ok. New Request. Zack Snyder and David Goyer, take notes. Now, we all cut you some slack in Man of Steel despite the fact that your script had too many explosions and you didn't allow your wonderful actors to actually TALK enough. We defended you. We cut you some slack. We figured you would get the picture for the sequel that Henry and Amy are wonderful and you HAVE TO LET THEM TALK MORE.

So not it's become a more specific request. I want THIS Amy Adams--minus what appears to be the drug abuse---grinding up on Henry Cavill connected to his "The Tudors" sexiness. You've got two actors here who know how to cut loose. Don't destroy them with stilted direction and a crappy script that doesn't let them fall in love and be sexy.

You have your mission, Snyder and Goyer. GO.

Well this sure is a shock to hear. I did not expect this at-all. Audrey saying she wants a sexy Lois. Is someone else hacking your account? I thought you always wanted her to be head to toe in a big business suit, long sleeved long legged to bring home the feminist aspect of her character.


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