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Default Re: What is your favorite "final battle" in the MCU?

Originally Posted by Tacit Ronin View Post
I am not particularly fond of any of them really. In terms of well executed spectacle, I suppose Avengers earns the top spot. But the whole thing is too weightless and tensionless for me to care (I prefer greatly the hellicarrier showdown).
It had more tension than the most overrated scene in the MCU so far, Iron Man 3's Air Force One rescue. The entire time, Stark wasn't in any danger. I hated that scene so much.

As for the final battle, I'd vote the New York battle in Avengers. It had a little of everything.

The best image though was Iron Man 2, Iron Man and War Machine, back-to-back. That was an amazing picture. The battle wasn't great, but that image was awesome.

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