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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane

Originally Posted by WarriorDreamer View Post
Well this sure is a shock to hear. I did not expect this at-all. Audrey saying she wants a sexy Lois. Is someone else hacking your account? I thought you always wanted her to be head to toe in a big business suit, long sleeved long legged to bring home the feminist aspect of her character.
I have never even remotely said such a thing. Not even close.

I do love that Lois wears a business suit and I love that her "costume" is workwear. That's awesome.

I think that business women are sexy and I don't think that feminism and sexiness are at odds at all.

I've always said that Lois Lane is sexy and I've made it clear on numerous occasions that I think that. I just don't think she has to fit the stereotypes of "sexy" in what she wears to be sexy nor do I think she has to have a certain hair color or wear a specific thing to look sexy.

I have never said she has to wear long sleeves.

I don't think Lois needs to do anything to bring home the "feminist aspect" of her character. I think she embodies it through everything she does.

I am simply complimenting Amy on another fantastic performance and I'm proud of her for once again being so fearless. I thought Amy and Henry were WONDERFUL in Man of Steel and I hope that Zack Snyder remembers how sexy they BOTH are in the sequel and lets them have a little more fun with less explosions.

Nice try at twisting my words though.

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