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Default Re: Batman 89 vs Batman Begins

I actually think Batman 1989 is underexposed these days. It seems like there's always a mob of folks looking to downplay it and it's importance and write it off as complete drivel.

But then again, I feel Batman Begins is sort of like that too. It's sort of disappointing how it almost seems like it's overshadowed by The Dark Knight and to a lesser extent, TDKR. Yeah, Begins has a weak 3rd act and some crappy dialogue, but that shouldn't break a movie should it? I mean, it makes up for it with the first 50 mins or so of origin and set up and especially that Joker card ending doesn't it? I still remember how impressed I was coming out of theaters for it after not expecting or hyping over it much.

I'd never say The Dark Knight is overrated though. There's a reason it's the most popular, and rightfully so. Just like Bat-mania was never really replicated in 1989, neither will 2008. What a great year and a fantastic film. I really can't believe it's been five years already, it goes by so fast. Then again, I can't believe Batman is going to be 25 years old!

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