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Default Re: Batman 89 vs Batman Begins

I love them both for different reasons, but I decided to go with Batman '89.

Begins Pros:

- My favorite interpretation of Jim Gordon
- Liam Neeson's amazing Ra's Al Ghul, one of the best on-screen Batman villains to date IMO
- Love all the "elemental" bat sequences, i.e. Bruce in the cave and the sonar device are just classic on screen moments to me now.
- Favorite interpretation of Alfred
- Enjoy the "two fathers" thematic device
- Great car chase scene, love the whole finale action sequence

Batman '89:

- It has the Joker
- Lots of great imagery and deep themes if you are looking for them, but it doesn't fill the film with too much exposition or beat you over the head with said themes
- Its more tightly and concisely written, flows better
- Favorite Batmobile
- Much better soundtrack than Begins
- Michael Keaton IS Batman
- A real love interest from the comics instead of a made-up plot device character

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