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Default Re: Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique: Oscar Winner Edition - Part 1

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
I get that. But its not all about screentime, is about what the director/s have done with them, not just with the dialogue, lines quantity, but with other elements too, like the look and the action too.

And I think most of us would agree that Mystique actions/power displays haves been cooler, more badass and intense that anything done by Rogue or Kitty, for example.

And that, to me, its sad.
It's interesting to see that Jean Grey and Storm suddenly dropped from that list.

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
It is not even just about action scenes my original point was about the development of the characters not the prominence of their role in the franchise.

We know or will know more about mystique than any other x woman. Audiences see mystique as the big female star .
Actually, we probably still know more about Rogue than any other X-Woman in the franchise, and I think it's too early to say that audiences see Mystique as the big female star, considering just how prominent the other woman in the franchise are and because we still don't know the extent of any of their roles in Days of Future Past.

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