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Default Re: Hugh Jackman's Workout for his insane The Wolverine Physique

Originally Posted by Anita18 View Post
Yeah, just like I thought, it's the equivalent of extreme thinness for women.

I dunno, I'm extremely thin and I don't particularly enjoy being hated on by other women because of my natural body type. It isn't the source of my happiness and it didn't get me guys so the whole thing just makes me .

But everyone generally wants what they don't have, anyway.

I find women who obsess about their weight and other appearance issues are doing so because they want to look good for other women, not in a sexual attraction way, but in a "glad I'm not you" way.

It's the same thing with guys. It's hilarious even to see two meatheads walking past each other on the street: inevitably at least one will turn his head to check out the other guy, totally not in a gay way (as far as my practiced eye can tell) but to benchmark himself against his competition.

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