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Default Re: Batman 89 vs Batman Begins

It's kind of a philosophical conundrum for me. If there was no Batman 89, we'd never have a Batman Begins. Logically, a film like Batman Begins should've come first, not the other way around. A full origin and all. But, it's the lack of a true origin film in the first place that allowed Nolan to step in and fill that gap in 2005.

Since the question is, "what's a better film?" I had to go with Begins by a hair. In terms of which I like more I find myself debating. But I feel that Begins is the more coherent work. It does spell its themes out way more than Batman 89, but there's something about going on a journey with a character and experiencing that evolution that ends up having more resonance for me.

What I enjoy about Begins is that it doesn't assume audience familiarity with Batman for the most part. It played things so straight, as if this were the first Batman story ever told, and it actually attempts to define Batman as a character in the process.

Batman 89 revels in the iconography of Batman and is more about celebrating and honoring that icon than anything else. Batman is already essentially defined before the movie even starts, which is wonderful.

Now, there are so many other aspects of a film besides the script. I mean, Batman 89's set design, score, atmosphere,'s all classic and unparalleled. A lot of that stuff defined our perception of Batman for those of us who grew up on this movie. But to make this decision I had to strip away all the bells and whistles and get right down to the heart of each film. And I feel like Begins has a fuller, more well-rounded heart. Because it's actually a Bruce Wayne movie.

So, Begins it is.

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