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Default Re: Batman physique thread.

Originally Posted by MechaOrga View Post
Batman will have a similar physique as Henry in MOS. Zack likes his comic book heores to look like their comic counterparts.

and the bar has been raised by henry in MOS, after it being raised by marvel.

so in short, Batman will be built like a brick house.
Zack will definitely push the actor cast as Batman very hard. This is what he had to say about the physicality he portrays on screen.
I like designing male icons I guess that's how it is - fitness icons - that's the real goal. No it's true and I guess I bring it on myself a little bit (to design these icons). It was really important from the beginning. I told Henry, "Listen, you are gonna be wearing this skin tight suit and I want you to look like... you know... a freak... like you should be in crazy shape." And he really said he embraced the concept a 100% because (of) you know the idea that you see the suit and you can see his body underneath it and you think "Oh that's gotta be a rubber suit, right?". (So) then I really wanted to include a scene where he had no shirt on so that you could say, "Wait a minute, that is what's under there".
Batman will join a long line of Snyder heroes - Leonidas, Manhattan, Superman who all were insanely built.

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