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Default Re: What is your favorite "final battle" in the MCU?

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
LOL, that's not a plot hole. It's apparently just their own damn fault for assuming we'd be able to assume that the earpieces a spy agency like SHIELD uses in that super high tech, futuristic world are, ya know, covert (aka, invisible) earpieces. Which exist in real life and are literally designed to be hidden from view. Kinda the point. And I would imagine in the sci-fi world of the MCU, such a simple real-life spy tool would be easily perfected, so we wouldn't see them...unless we got a gigantic close-up of the inside of someone's ear. Which is why "spy-fi" movies/shows use that invisible earpiece device (pun intended) all the time. Because it's a given that the earpieces are that small/camouflaged, or even implanted somewhere (remember the "tooth radios" in Get Smart? lol).

The Avengers, like pretty much any CBM, is not without it's plot/logic holes, but invisible earpieces ain't one of 'em.
I've seen the earpiece thing cited a few times and it never makes sense to me that people could watch the film and not know that the earpieces were hidden. In the Helicarrier battle Cap's earpiece was actually visible at one point. It was in his right ear and was flesh colored (pink) which made it hard to spot. Natasha even put her hand to her ear several times when talking over the comm, which was hidden by her hair. Hawkeye obviously also had one, and Stark could communicate with his suit. But Thor and Hulk didn't have communication devices and were only seen talking with teammates when close enough to have conversations normally.

Obviously Whedon and his crew gave some members of the audience more credit than they deserved as far as picking up on the most obvious clues was concerned.

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