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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
Storm was never intended to be the X-Men's field/battle leader in this franchise. She was intended to be the emotional core of the team. This is seen in all three X-Men movies, and the events of THE LAST STAND are consistent with this.
I would completely disagree. X3 quite clearly showed Storm take over Cyclops' role as field/battle leader, with the Xavier/Storm scene. One scene demonstrating Storm becoming the leader in X3 is when Logan comes back to the mansion (after getting his ass handed to him by Magneto) he comes in shouting Storm's name. He recognises her as the leader of the team and informs her of Magneto's plans.

Despite being in a hurry and all Logan never once suggests that they assemble the team. That isn't his right, it is Storm who ultimately makes that decision and she does this simply by saying "Let's Suit up".

Despite Storm's limited screen time in the previous movies they quite clearly displayed Storm's leadership skills. In X2, during the absence of their leader, the team look to her for guidance and Storm steps up. Even when Cyclops rejoins the team at the end it is Storm who is able to think quickly on her feet under extreme pressure and comes up with the plan that stops Cerebro without hurting Prof X. Even going back to X1, Storm was always sent along with Cyclops on the mission to rescue Rogue and Logan and to Find Rogue at the train station she has always been on the field.

X3 continues that trend and expands it making her the official leader and then seemingly honours that position given to her, until the very end where Storm should have been giving orders. X3 undermines everything that it and the previous films built up, by having Logan bark orders during the Alcatraz battle instead of Storm.

I'm not too sure where you get this idea of her being the emotional core of the team. If anything I would say Jean was the emotional core of the team or maybe Rogue but certainly not Storm. When has she ever demonstrated that quality in the movies? Or is your definition of emotional core and my definition completely different.

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