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Default Re: The Wolverine - Bloodier Extended Director's Cut on Bluray?

Originally Posted by BlackFox View Post
Yeah Robo-Samurai was not a big problem for me in the end because it had CBM logic and had the purpose of being a life support machine and built to take Logans powers from him, it made sense, as you say.

But I would have liked to have seen one fight with the traditional armor, even if when Logan has that short dream/nightmare about it, that would have been really cool, and also the way they went it kind of meant Harada ended up being a bit of a loose part and his character was wasted, literally.

However I have thought on this and I guess the makers thought there was no point in setting up an SS character in the long term as they always said this is a one off story and so if it had been a normal SS from the comics he may never have been used again so whats the point!
I'm with you on this, it was one of those things where I'd have preferred a more traditional route but understood the route they chose.

I think Yashida having the robot suit designed to resemble the classic armor we saw in the case made sense as Japanese are very traditional, so him paying homage to his ancestry gave the design a credibility.

My biggest issue was that it didn't really produce a very good fight with Wolverine, maybe it was time or budget constraints but I thought Wolverine vs Robo-Samurai was a bit lackluster.

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