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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane

Originally Posted by Audrey View Post
I have never even remotely said such a thing. Not even close.

I do love that Lois wears a business suit and I love that her "costume" is workwear. That's awesome.

I think that business women are sexy and I don't think that feminism and sexiness are at odds at all.

I've always said that Lois Lane is sexy and I've made it clear on numerous occasions that I think that. I just don't think she has to fit the stereotypes of "sexy" in what she wears to be sexy nor do I think she has to have a certain hair color or wear a specific thing to look sexy.

I have never said she has to wear long sleeves.

I don't think Lois needs to do anything to bring home the "feminist aspect" of her character. I think she embodies it through everything she does.

I am simply complimenting Amy on another fantastic performance and I'm proud of her for once again being so fearless. I thought Amy and Henry were WONDERFUL in Man of Steel and I hope that Zack Snyder remembers how sexy they BOTH are in the sequel and lets them have a little more fun with less explosions.

Nice try at twisting my words though.
I always like how they did it on L&C. Lois was almost always in suits at the office, some with shorter skirts than others and such, but suits. Much better than STM, when I am not convinced anything Lois wore at the office was really business wear. However, between undercover investigations, dates and formal dinners, we got to see Lois in all kinds of things in L&C.

I also thought Lois's outfits were good in MOS. I would agree that she was not wearing nearly enough clothes in the artic scene, but not dressing people in the required amount of clothes for artic scenes is probably close to a universal problem. A glamorous Lois would not have worked at all in any scene in MOS. I would love to see Lois and Clark on a date in MOS2, or at some ball sponsored by Luthor or Wayne. There they can deck Lois out, but they should not have her sitting around the office or out investigating in truly glamorous clothing.

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