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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 8

Originally Posted by *Whiplash* View Post
I think the worst that can happen is that TDW turns out to be Thor's 'Iron Man 2'.
My biggest concern is that Marvel is settling for mediocrity. Thor and Captain America were serviceable films, and I'm willing to accept that for a first go at a character. But I've yet to read an interview from Marvel et al acknowledging this and intending to step up their game. They really dropped the ball in IM2 -- they had such a great cast to work with but the writing was predictable and unimaginative.

I worry that they're settling for questionable scripts because they've created a system much like that of their comics: got to have a story to turn in before the deadline, got to make sure it's fitting into the latest big event, don't forget the editorial mandates.

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